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"Exalting Jesus - a 21-Day Journey into More of Christ."

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ… give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. Ephesians 1:17
Do you want to know the Lord Jesus Christ better?
Do you want a closer walk with him?
Do you want to learn more about who Jesus is and the significance of his life, death, resurrection and ascension?

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - Ascension Day is coming!

Will you be ready? We can help! - David Bryant

There’s Christmas - Jesus’ incarnation.  There’s Good Friday - Jesus’ crucifixion. 
There’s Easter -  Jesus’ resurrection.  The Church worldwide celebrates all three. 

But what about Ascension Day - Jesus’ coronation?  Without that cosmic event, everything else our Savior did for us would be rendered null and void. 

However, he did ascend to the right hand of the Father; he did “seal the deal” for our eternal salvation. Why? - because crowned in glory, God’s Son is now designated as King of the universe, Ruler of the nations, Head of the church, and Lord of your life and mine.

Watch David Bryant's introductory video on 'Exalting Jesus'

Just a few of the 21 topics included:

  • What does the supremacy of Christ really involve?
  • What are the claims of Christ found in His many names?
  • What’s my vision of His supreme majesty?
  • What happened at the coronation of His ascension?
  • What does Christ’s supremacy over world history look like?
  • Why should I abound in the hope of seeing more of Christ?
  • How might I invite Christ to come upon us in new ways?

We need to get ready to celebrate!

You can do so with Jesus followers around the globe using this brand-new resource here on  EXALTJESUS.LIFE! - “A 21-Day Journey to the Ascension. A 21-Day Journey into More of Christ.”

Exalt Jesus is a brief, daily video and prayer experience developed by CHRIST NOW in collaboration with INTERNATIONAL PRAYER CONNECT.

Exalt Jesus is a free opportunity for you to dig into more of what being wholly alive to the reigning Christ can mean for you!

Exalt Jesus provides you 21 compelling teaching videos, reflections, and prayers—an adventure of discovery and revelation to enliven and deepen your relationship with your Savior.

Exalt Jesus can be used personally, or with a group or Church / ministry.

Exalt Jesus helps you spend 15-25 minutes a day, between April 19 and May 9, with the Lord Jesus Christ encountering more of his spectacular supremacy.

Join the EXALT JESUS 21-day journey.

Join with Christians worldwide in this exciting lead up to Ascension Day 2024!

Join us as we explore and celebrate the person of our risen, enthroned redeemer King.

Begin your journey here!

Dr Jason Hubbard - Director
International Prayer Connect

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Mac Pier
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Mark Stoleson
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Dr. John Perkins
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