Exalt Jesus
DAY 21

Invite Christ upon us

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of our

 “21-Day Journey Into More of Christ.”

Please reflect on these five questions:

How fully prepared are you to participate in the reign of Christ when it breaks through in all his glory at the consummation of the ages?

At the same time, how much do you really want—even long for—his reign to come down upon us right now, right where we live, in our daily walk with him?

Are you living daily in openness to receive and become fully involved in the Spirit's work to give increasing approximations of the consummation in Christ Jesus—in your own life, church, city, nation, or among the peoples of the earth?

Are you faithfully praying—are you seeking, watching, and waiting—for nothing less than fresh revelations of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to awaken God’s people to the fullness of the supremacy of Christ? Are you faithfully seeking God’s face for Jesus’ reigning glory to be manifested to us, for us, over us, before us, within us, and through us?

Are you willing to invite him to come upon you to conquer you, doing so as needed over and over again—doing so in ways that foreshadow how he will one day come upon and conquer the entire universe to bring to completion the saving fullness of his kingdom?

With those reflections in mind, why not end your journey by proclaiming this final declaration to Heaven. Try praying it out loud, even if you are alone. It might feel more personal if you do. Or seek out someone else to pray it with you, either doing so in unison or responsively. Another possibility: Invite your small group or your congregation to join in this prayer, with one person reciting the parts in bold and the others responding.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
Ultimately come in the triumphs of your victorious return.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
But until your final return,
come with similar transforming power
right here and right now.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
Pour out your Holy Spirit upon your people
gathered before your face.
Pour out remarkable manifestations
of the Father's all-consuming grace and truth.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
Give us foretastes.
Give us foretastes of what will fill all of eternity very soon.
Focus us on your unparalleled person as the Son of God.
Fill us with your royal resources as the Regent of God.
Fulfill through us your saving mission in the purposes of God.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
Come upon us to intensify, and deepen,
and extend, and accelerate, and multiply
all that you have become to us,
for us, over us, before us,
within us, and through us.

Come upon us, Lord Jesus Christ.
Wake up your followers in every part of the Church.
Empower us to advance the gospel among all peoples.
Invade this place.
Transform us more and more
into a showcase of your glorious reign.

Overtake us, Lord Jesus Christ, as your people.
Unleash your life-changing initiatives
into everything we are together
and in everything we do together.

Break in and break through without delay.
Answer us in a way that approximates how one day,
one grand and glorious day,
your triumphs will be displayed
throughout all heaven and earth,
bringing everlasting praise to our triune God.
We watch with great anticipation
for the hour when you are revealed fully,
for the hour when you deliver all things fully
at the consummation of the ages.

Come upon us that day. Come upon us this day.
Never ever stop coming down upon us.
Come in the fullness of your spectacular supremacy.
Come in the fervor of your magnificent majesty.
Saturate us.
Saturate us,
Son of the Father,
Focus of the Spirit,
Redeemer of the Church,
Our Lord Jesus Christ. Come.


Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.
Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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