Exalt Jesus
Day 18

Christ’s supremacy over evil

Pray for yourself: Glorious Father, dispel any darkness in me by your holy light and take me into more of Christ today.

Hallelujah! Father, I praise you that the Lamb on the Throne defies all human categories; there is no language that can adequately describe him. He is the Incomparable One! He outranks every other being in heaven, earth, or hell. He holds a position of unrivaled distinction, prestige, and majesty. He is the joy of all peoples, the desire of all the nations. He is the Victorious One.

I praise you that none of his enemies—visible or invisible, principalities or powers—will ever prevail against him. Today, he is defeating all his foes—both human and demonic—and doing so unconditionally. He will ultimately emerge triumphant, permanently unthreatened, unhindered, and unopposed by all opposition! He will reign FOREVER over all the powers of darkness.

This is why I seek your face. I pray that by the ministry of your Spirit, my Lord Jesus would destroy the works of the devil wherever they are coming against my life—to render Satan powerless, crushing him under my feet.

Almost as if he were physically present, may my conquering Savior be actively at work in my life day by day, just like he is doing among the nations as he continues to subdue his enemies, dethrone evil rulers, and bring them out at his feet for final disposal.

Hallelujah! I praise you, Father, that the impact of Christ's authority over the hosts of wickedness shines most tangibly where the gospel spreads among the nations. His triumph over Satan is magnified right now wherever he engages evil powers by the truth of the gospel proclaimed and claimed by sinners like me.

Wherever hope in Christ is heralded and believed, a limit is set on the devil's deceptions. Wherever the Church is planted and begins to thrive, we witness the breakthrough of Jesus' reign as battlefields become harvest fields.

Even so, by your Spirit, please engage me fully with Jesus in this marvelous mission of salvation so that through my witness and the spreading of the gospel through my life, your Son might display the defeat of Satan’s armies as he brings more and more of the redeemed out of the domain of darkness into the kingdom of truth and grace.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.

Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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