Exalt Jesus
Day 19

Christ’s supremacy over Church

Pray for yourself: Loving Father, take me into more of Christ today.

Right now, your reigning Son is the head of the Body, the Church! He is the foundation, the rock upon which every facet of the Church is built.

That’s why I join with all your people to submit to his lordship, his will, his blueprints, and his purposes for us as his people! 

At the same time, I join myself to your people as we function together to build ourselves up in Christ and in his love.

Therefore, I ask you to enable me to be a healthy member of my own community of faith, serving the Lord Jesus as I use the gifts the Spirit has given me to bring other believers into more of the fullness and supremacy of Christ and his kingdom purposes.

Even more marvelous is the truth that right now, Christ is the head over all things for the sake of the Church, the fullness of him who fills all things in all ways. Therefore, from him, the whole body derives its life and growth.

As our head, he defines us, inspires us, guides us, sustains us, coordinates us, energizes us, directs us, defends us, and builds us.

Therefore, Father, by your Spirit, fully involve me, whatever it may cost me, to help my fellow believers become wholly alive to the whole work of the whole Christ in our midst. 

May I play a greater role in how Jesus inspires, sustains, and strengthens the transforming work going on among all his people all the time.

In addition, right now, the Church provides the primary manifestation of the reign of your Son in this age by both our inward light and our outward mission.

The Lord Jesus Christ expresses his continuing presence and activity among the nations most visibly and most tangibly through his people. The Church is his base of operations. It's his beachhead for kingdom advances in our communities as well as nations.

Because of this, Father, please teach me and empower me to encourage your people to embrace this high and holy calling. Begin by causing my own life to become a mini “base of operations” for spreading the saving reign of Christ to others.

But even more, cause me to be so joined with other Christ followers where I live that together we might share him and his gospel with the world around us, doing so as a team—doing so as a way of life.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.

Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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