Exalt Jesus
Day 11

Christ's resurrection

Spend a couple of minutes reflecting on our Master’s resurrection victory over the powers of death. For example:

  • The resurrection is the outbreaking of something utterly new. In Christ alive, the future has arrived. His resurrection is the first fruit of a whole new heaven and earth. Christ himself embodies this new creation as he walks and works among his people right now.
  • Furthermore, in God's eyes, we have already been raised from the dead with Christ. The Bible says we're seated with him in heavenly places, so that today, we participate in the victorious life of the new creation that still awaits its fullest revelation at the end. Already, the risen one has breathed his everlasting life into our spirits.
  • The resurrection guarantees that none of our labors for the glory of Christ will ever be futile. Every struggle—the exalting of his name, the spreading of his fame, the extending of his reign—will bear fruit that remains. Therefore, Peter says, “In his great mercy, God has given us a new birth, and a hope that is alive, and it is alive because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Paul says, "So if you're serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ reigns.”

Then, pray for yourself: Father, take me into more of Christ today.

Open up to me more experiences of living in his victory over all the forces of death and darkness.

Show me how to walk in the newness of life as one who has been crucified, buried, and raised with your Son—united with him forever.

The Lord Jesus Christ is alive forevermore! He holds the keys of death and Hades. He is the mighty conqueror. Therefore, I pray that the same Spirit that raised him from the dead in a glorious body would give resurrection power to everything I am called to do for Jesus’ kingdom.

Father, lead me every single day in Jesus’ triumphal procession that emerged from the tomb and has marched on through the centuries. Do so in a way that spreads through me the matchless message of the gospel—the truth that proclaims, “Christ lives, and therefore you can live also!”

May my life and my words manifest to everyone: “It is no longer I who live, but the risen, reigning Christ who lives in me.”

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.

Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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