Exalt Jesus
Day 09

Christ's incarnation

Pray for yourself: God and Father of my salvation, take me into more of Christ today.

Take me into more of the wonders of the saving work of his incarnation.

As I review some truths about that miracle of the Son of God’s incarnation shared in this video text below, I ask you to impact my heart with them.

As I go line by line, my prayer is that the realities to which these words point will come alive in me as never before to begin transforming my whole walk with Jesus.

Forgive me for how little I have appreciated all that it means to say that your dear Son was willing to become flesh of our flesh, bone of our bones—not for a moment but forever and ever.

As you reflect on these next insights, pray that the Holy Spirit will give you a much deeper revelation of the power of the truths declared by each one. Then, ask the Father to shape your relationship with Jesus today based on the impact and implications of his incarnation.

When the time came, he set aside the privileges of deity. He took on the status of a slave. He became human to stay human.

The incarnation is a mightier act of God than even the creation of the universe. Christ did not empty himself of anything. He simply emptied himself—an act of lavish and unparalleled selflessness.

All Christ has done for us could have come about only by being united to us and coming among us to be with us as one of us. To his everlasting praise, this is how he remains now and forever.

This is a great mystery—Jesus' unity with the Trinity and his unity with our humanity both at the same time, then, now, and forever. He brings human nature and the Godhead together in one single human being who will live and reign forever. He adds to himself our humanity without losing any of his deity.

As Paul says in Colossians 2, "Everything of God gets expressed in Christ, in bodily form, so that you can see and hear God clearly.”

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.

Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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