Exalt Jesus
Day 07

Christ as my destiny

Pray for yourself: Father of all grace and mercy, take me into more of Christ today.

Reveal to me more of his majesty as my alpha and omega, my beginning and end, my first and last in everything, now and into all ages to come.

Deepen my passion for him as I give myself to him as my true identity and thus my everlasting destiny—the one who is the source of all things and the culmination of all things!

More and more, Father, I want to live and move and have my being in your precious Son alone! Truly, he is my great reward, my total satisfaction, my inexhaustible treasure, my all in all!

Expand my capacity to see him and savor him as fully as he deserves—with all my heart and soul and strength.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for your own congregation.

Use this prayer focus to shape your prayers for the Church in your city and worldwide.

Pray for God’s answers to these prayers to advance the saving reign of his Son in your city and among the nations.

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